August 26, 2011

Lunch Time, Crunch Time

This recipe may not be the best for a four course dinner, but if you want a light lunch or quick snack, it's perfect.

For two quesodillas you will need:

2 chicken breasts
2 12" tortillas
14oz quesodilla melting cheese (the authentic stuff that comes in the round package)

You know the drill- broil your chicken! You may be wondering why I've had so many recipes including chicken. It's simple really. Personal preference. Trevor and I prefer more white meat in our diet than red, but never you worry. My crystal ball foresees pan seared burgers in the near future!

While your chicken is broiling, put a 10" cast iron skillet over high heat and start melting your cheese. At first, you'll need to chop it into chunks with a knife or large spoon, but once the chunks are soft enough to slice with little effort, break out a whisk. Your cheese will start to seize if you let it sit too long, and we don't want that. Whisk the cheese like you would eggs whenever the cheese starts to stiffen.

When your chicken is fully cooked, put a 12" cast iron skillet over medium heat. Slice your chicken the way you like it. Add your tortilla to the skillet and place half the chicken in the center. Pour half the cheese onto the chicken and fold the tortilla in half. Press the quesodilla down lightly with a spatula for about 30 seconds, flip and repeat.

Tasty Tips for this recipe: Try adding bell peppers and/or onions if you like them. The bell peppers would definitely add a sweet contrast.

Happy cooking and happier eating!

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